Supply Chain Management

Green Logistics

This research project addresses the environmental impact of freight transportation. We develop network design models and routing algorithms for freight, which consider traditional measures, like cost or time, and greenhouse gas emissions. Our solutions support the research in the field of green logistics and show trade-offs between traditional and emission-oriented objectives.


Selected Publications and Talks:

  • Heinold, A., Meisel, F.: Emission Limits and Emission Allocation Schemes in Intermodal Transportation, Transportatin Research Part E (2020), 141, 101963, Link (Journal), Manuscript (PDF)
  • Heinold, A.: Comparing Emission Estimation Models for Rail Freight Transportation, Transportation Research Part D (2020), 86, 102468, Link (Journal), Manuscript (PDF)
  • Heinold, A., Meisel, F.: Emission Oriented vs. Time Oriented Routing in the European Intermodal Rail/Road Freight Transportation Network, Lecture Notes in Logistics (2019)In: Bierwirth C., Kirschstein T., Sackmann D. (eds) Logistics Management, 188-202, Link (Journal)Manuscript (PDF)
  • Heinold, A., Meisel, F.: Emission Rates of Intermodal Rail/Road and Road-only Transportation in Europe: A Comprehensive Simulation Study, Transportation Research Part D 65 (2018), 421-437, Link
  • Kirschstein, T.; Meisel, F.: GHG-emission models for assessing the eco-friendliness of road and rail freight transports, Transportation Research Part B 73 (2015), 13-33, Link
  • Bierwirth, C.; Kirschstein, T.; Meisel, F.: On Transport Service Selection in Intermodal Rail/Road Distribution Networks, BuR - Business Research 5 (2012), 198-219, Link