Supply Chain Management

Maritime Logistics

This research project addresses the optimal routing and scheduling of cargo ships as well as the optimization of cargo handling processes at seaports. We develop optimization models and solution methods to obtain high quality solutions for complex optimization problems. These solutions support a best possible utilization of ship capacity and terminal resources like cranes and berth space.


Selected Publications and Talks:

  • Meisel, F.; Fagerholt, K.: Scheduling two-way Ship Traffic for the Kiel Canal: Model, Extensions and a Matheuristic, Computers & Operations Research 106 (2019), 119-132, Link to paper, Link to test instances
  • Bierwirth, C.; Meisel, F.: A follow-up Survey of Berth Allocation and Quay Crane Scheduling Problems in Container Terminals, European Journal of Operational Research 244 (2015), 675-689, Link
  • Meisel, F.; Bierwirth, C.: A Framework for Integrated Berth Allocation and Crane Operations Planning in Seaport Container Terminals, Transportation Science 47 (2013), 131-147, Link