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Mesoscopic GHG-emission models for road and rail freight transportation

Kirschstein, T.; Meisel, F.: GHG-emission models for assessing the eco-friendliness of road and rail freight transports, Transportation Research Part B 73 (2015), 13-33 (Link).

Intermodal rail/road transportation is an instrument of green logistics, which may help reducing transport related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In order to assess the environmental impact of road and rail transports, researchers have formulated very detailed microscopic models, which determine vehicle emissions precisely based on a vast number of parameters. They also developed macroscopic models, which estimate emissions more roughly from few parameters that are considered most influential. One of the goals of this tool is to develop mesoscopic models that combine the preciseness of micro-models while requiring only little more information than macro-models.


  • Mesoscopic GHG-emission model for road freight transportation (here)