Supply Chain Management

Mesoscopic GHG-emission model for road freight transportation

Below you can enter values (e.g. distance, speed) that influence the emitted emissions from a road freight transportation service. There are more parameters that affect the emitted emissions (e.g. emission coefficient, air drag); for reasons of simplicity, these are set fixed in this tool. The output of this tool is a PDF file with the calculation of the expected emitted emissions. The file can be used to verify own calculations and to understand the model.  

For further information please refer to the original paper: Kirschstein, T.; Meisel, F.: GHG-emission models for assessing the eco-friendliness of road and rail freight transports, Transportation Research Part B 73 (2015), 13-33 (Link).

We constantly try to improve this tool and look forward for your feedback (Hiwi-SCM).

Version: 0.9 (beta)


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