Supply Chain Management

Supply Network Design and Supplier Development

This project investigates location decisions, capacity decisions, inventory management and supplier selection decisions for complex production-distribution networks. We consider in particular, how lead time restrictions drive the design of supply networks and how inventories should be dimensioned for complex distributed production and distribution networks. Furthermore, we investigate how to improve supplier capabilities by initiating supplier development projects.


Selected Publications and Talks:

  • Kirschstein, T.; Meisel, F.: A multi-period multi-commodity lot-sizing problem with supplier selection, storage selection and discounts for the process industry, European Journal of Operational Research 279 (2019), 393-406, Link
  • Meisel, F.; Glock, C.: Self-induced learning vs. project-based supplier development for production ramp-up with two supply options, International Journal of Production Economics 198 (2018), 60-69, Link
  • Meisel, F.; Rei, W.; Gendreau, M.; Bierwirth, C.: Designing Supply Networks under Maximum Customer Order Lead Times, IIE Transactions 48 (2016), 921937, Link to paperLink to benchmark instances
  • Meisel, F.; Bierwirth, C.: The Design of Make-to-Order Supply Networks under Uncertainties using Simulation and Optimisation, International Journal of Production Research 52 (2014), 6590-6607, Link